How to Create Passive Income with A Course

How much money can you make selling a course? Being an entrepreneur or course seller, you might have come across this question multiple times in your mind. Don't worry, and you will have your answer in the very next line...

Typically, the income remains between $500 to $5000 per month if...

Kajabi VS Podia

Kajabi Vs. Podia - Which Is the Best Platform for Your Courses?

In recent years, an exploded trend of selling courses has been observed and generating a passive income through these courses. Given that, Kajabi and Podia are two online course platforms that have emerged on the horizon and...

4 Ways to Generate Passive Income

4 Ways to Generate Passive Income  


Hey! I’m Laurie AKA The Strategy Queen. 


I teach Service based businesses how to scale to consistent 5 figure months through organic marketing.


I have been able to scale my business to consistent 40K + Cash months whilst...

Free Guide: Monetizing Your Facebook Group

Hey! I’m Laurie. AKA The Strategy Queen. 


I teach coaches, consultants and course creators how to implement effective strategies to gain new clients and scale their businesses to 5 figure months and beyond through organic marketing.


If you want to learn how to build, grow...

5 Powerful Marketing Strategies to Launch Your Course

Being an entrepreneur, drafting a marketing strategy to launch your course or business seems imperative for success. However, with the continuously changing digital landscape, relying on one marketing strategy might not be prudent. What used to work a decade ago might be an utter failure for the...

Free Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Launching Your Course

If you have been eyeing to earn more income and scale your business to 10K months then this guide is for you. What I will be teaching you in this guide has allowed my clients to scale their businesses to multiple 5 figure months.

In this post, we’ll be talking all about launching your...



The Ultimate Course & Launch Checklist


Save hours of time guessing what you need for your next launch. With my ultimate checklist and plabner you will learn the exact step-by-step process me & my clients use to have multiple 5 & 6 figure launches.