Kajabi VS Podia

Kajabi Vs. Podia - Which Is the Best Platform for Your Courses?

In recent years, an exploded trend of selling courses has been observed and generating a passive income through these courses. Given that, Kajabi and Podia are two online course platforms that have emerged on the horizon and contributing to making your efforts fruitful regarding the selling of your courses. Both of these platforms have a huge fan base. However, today I will draw a comparison between them and let you know which is better for you.

In this article, I will talk about various areas and features that you might want to consider to draw a comparison between Kajabi and Podia. Before I start analyzing these platforms on technical grounds, I would like to add few lines regarding their general comparison:


Kajabi and Podia

Kajabi Vs. Podia, which one offers more convenience? Kajabi is an excellent platform with everything built-in, and it allows you to operate everything from the dashboard. It is best suited for smaller to medium-sized businesses. At the same time, Podia is another platform that offers many similar options at a lower price.

Kajabi offers a great platform where you can market your content, and it has been providing its services since 2009. While Podia focuses on digital courses and memberships, and it has been offering its services since 2014. Both of these platforms do not have any free version. Yet, a 14-day trial is being provided by both of them.

If checked based on seniority level, Kajabi has a leading edge over Podia.


Which is the Best?

Here starts the comparison of these two platforms based on the technical features:


1. Creation of Online Courses

When it comes to creating online courses, Kajabi lets you systematically target a niche-based audience. Your course may be about any niche of your choice, like beauty, health, and photography. The course design will be provided according to the introduction, and then you may cover components and sub-components. To help students learn your course, Kajabi enables you to conduct online assessments and videos. 

Besides, Podia also allows users to present their courses effectively. Users are offered an online course builder option to add links, files, sections, texts, and quizzes. To accelerate your selling, you can use a sales page that carries coupons to promote your course. A student management and live message feature also remain hugely helpful. 


Who is the Winner?

Both platforms offer the facility of creating online courses, so there is a tie between them.


2. Templates 

Whether you want to create a blog, make a website, or build an online store, Kajabi allows you to build all these platforms without any need for custom coding. To better the performance of your created platform, Kajabi provides all tailor-made accessories you need. You can find all kinds of media, drag and drop features with a plugin, and all other required tools and features.

Meanwhile, templates provided by the Kajabi can be used for landing pages, sales pages, libraries, email funnels, and storefronts. In each template, a specific color scheme and theme are used. 

With the help of Podia, you can design your customized landing and sales pages. You can add in your bio, select a theme, add links you think are necessary, and assign layouts to create an attractive page to gain customers' attention. The landing page you design shows the primary heading that you want to get focused on.

Additionally, you can add videos in the background, add testimonials, choose colors, select fonts either blurred or clear, add images to bring your brand's name into the spotlight. 

Who is the Winner?

Since Kajabi offers more options to choose from than podia, so it is the winner.


3. Email Marketing 

With Kajabi, you can send an email with your desired emoji and illustrations to your target audience or the whole list you put in place for email outreach. Typically, when a person signs up with all his details to reach out to your platform, Kajabi automatically makes a list based on that.

With a prepared email template, Kajabi automatically sends emails to those addresses collected at the time of signs-in. Using this feature, you can easily reach out to your target audience without any manual efforts. 

Podia provides two options: either create drip email campaigns or send newsletters to keep your audience engaged. Though both of these options are intended to accelerate selling, manual work needs to be done. 

Who is the Winner?

Kajabi offers automatic dispatching of mails, while Podia provides a bit complicated process. So, Kajabi is the winner.


4. Membership 

Kajabi offers a reign of membership for its platform and provides membership holders to publish their content to keep their audience attached. The more content you post, visitors remain engaged with the new information and don't think about canceling their subscriptions. The information you add might be in the form of videos, documents, eBooks, or courses.

Accordingly, the subscribers remain in touch with your content, and you can post new content without paying money. 

In the case of Podia, you buy the subscription and start posting your content over there. Suppose your content possesses good quality and is reached by readers regularly. In that case, you are likely to continue your subscription for free, and you can build a potential audience that might be interested in buying what you are selling. 


Who is the Winner?

Both of the platforms offer the same facility, so it's a tie again. 


5. Integration with Other Tools 

If you are reluctant to join Kajabi because of the fear that other tools you use will not get integrated, you are wrong. Kajabi offers you to integrate around 500 tools with it for a seamless user experience. The option of Zapier Integration wouldn't halt the use of any other tool. 


The same is the case with Podia. It also allows its users to integrate third-party applications. In short, Podia has also adopted a user-centric approach that revolves around the convenience of users. 


Who is the Winner?

Kajabi offers 500 third-party integrations while Podia offers 1000 integrations, so Podia is the winner of this round.


Final Verdict

First, I would like to proclaim the winning position of Kajabi on general grounds since it has a more significant serving period than Podia, along with a more incredible fan base. Secondly, I have analyzed five features on a technical basis, and Kajabi has a clear winning position in most of the features. 


So, I would recommend Kajabi as a better marketing solution for your courses than Podia. 

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