4 Ways to Generate Passive Income

4 Ways to Generate Passive Income  


Hey! I’m Laurie AKA The Strategy Queen. 


I teach Service based businesses how to scale to consistent 5 figure months through organic marketing.


I have been able to scale my business to consistent 40K + Cash months whilst being a full-time mumma and only working 15-20 hours per week.


I have generated thousands of dollars in passive income through low priced offers. Here’s four ways that I did it. 


Having an irresistible freebie is the key to generating passive income with low priced offers.  They are a great way of building your email list, getting people into your Facebook group and upselling your ideal clients into other offers. 

An evergreen freebie is a freebie that sits on your website that you can promote any time. Examples of evergreen freebies include guides, eBooks and webinars.


Evergreen Freebie Ideas

Free mini-course

Free checklist 

Free meditation

Free Canva templates

Free swipe files 

Free webinar 

Free content templates

Free planner

Free recipes 

Free diary

Free web page templates



Next you need to create a low priced evergreen offer that can sit on your website.

Create something of value to your audience and set it at a low price so that your audience does not think twice about purchasing it.


Here are some examples of my low priced offers.

- The Ultimate Social Media Kit ($17) - I have made creating your content simple! Here you get access to 100's of social media templates including posts, graphics and emails. 

- The Facebook Group Accelerator  ($17) - This shows you exactly how I took my Facebook Group to 7000 + followers and monetized it to hit 30-40K cash months.


Low Priced Offer Ideas:


Mini courses





Creating a funnel is a super important element of passive income. I use Kajabi for mine.


Your funnel will flow like this:



Once you have created the funnel, the next step is to promote the freebie offer and bring people into your funnel. 


You can do this utilizing your social media, utilizing other people's social media and having an affiliate scheme to encourage your audience to promote it for you too. 

These are just a few of the things I do to generate consistent passive income. 


If you want to learn more, head to the link below to learn how I turned A $17 offer into thousands of pounds of passive income. During the training we will be covering:


⚡️ How to generate thousands of organic leads

⚡️ How to create passive income through low priced offers

⚡️ How to create offers that convert your audience with ease

⚡️ How to upsell your audience into other products

⚡️ How to set up the automation to create passive income


BONUS: You will also get access to 100 + top converting freebie ideas!

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