Add more passive revenue to your business by launching a course.

You can scale your business and revenue without working harder or longer hours. With our tried and tested strategies, we have scaled our business to consistent 4 figure cash days, six figure cash months and crossed the 7 figure mark in just 3 years.

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Learn How to Create an Automated Strategy That Generates Tens of Thousands Monthly

Learn how to create an automated strategy to sell your membership, course or mastermind that generates you tens of thousands in passive revenue so you can work just 15 hours a week.

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We have clients hitting 10K cash days, 30K cash months, 100K launches and celebrating their biggest ever profit months.

But that’s not even the best part. The best part is, as they are scaling their businesses and incomes, they are also scaling back the number of hours they are working in their businesses. Giving them more time to spend with the people they love.


Here's how I can help:


High Level Mentorship

Receive high touch support with selling out your masterminds and high ticket programs, and high level access to me as you scale to your next level of income.

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Courses & Certifications

We’re here to help you create, launch and sell out your six figure course. You can also join our Certifications so you can teach your clients how to do the same and massively boost your credibility, impact and income.

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Done For You Agency

Our team of experts are here to take the hard work off your hands and can take care of everything from your copy, branding and automation. We can build out your entire funnel, take over your entire launch and more!

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"I'm still not over my 17K cash day!
Like is this real life?"


Hi there, I'm Laurie Burrows —

I help coaches and DFY providers hit 30-100K months whilst working 15 hour weeks. 

In the space of just 3 years, our business has crossed the 7 figure mark.

Despite the fact I only work 3 days a week, despite being a new mum and despite taking so much time out of my business in the last year to grieve the loss of two close family members.

The reason why I’ve been able to scale so quickly and easily despite working so little is thanks to implementing an automated strategy.

This strategy is what allows me to make 4 figures + cash every day whilst being a full time mum.

It means I can wake up at 4.30 am (thanks to little man) and see 5K already hitting my account.

It means I can make sales for my 4 figure program without announcing it publicly or doing a live launch for it.

Let me show you how to do the same…

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The Strategy Queen Podcast is for coaches & service based women in business who know they want to scale up their business whilst creating more time, freedom and financial rewards.

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