Free Guide: Monetizing Your Facebook Group

Hey! I’m Laurie. AKA The Strategy Queen. 


I teach coaches, consultants and course creators how to implement effective strategies to gain new clients and scale their businesses to 5 figure months and beyond through organic marketing.


If you want to learn how to build, grow and monetize your facebook group then keep on reading! 


These tips are what has allowed my clients to scale their businesses to 5 and multiple 5 figure months.


So in this post, we’re going to break down how to monetize your facebook group into three simple stages. 



You need to attract your ideal clients to join your group. There is a sea of groups out there, so why should people join yours?



This stage is vital for converting your audience. During the nurture stage you need to be building trust with your ideal clients ready to convert them.



This is the ultimate stage. The more time you spend nurturing your audience, the easier it is going to be to convert them.


We’re going to dive deeper into each of these stages and learn how they can be applied to your business, and how they can help you take it to the next level! 



The first step in monetizing your facebook group is always going to be getting people to join your group! You need to give people a reason to join. Hosting a freebie in your group is great for this!


What is your ideal clients biggest struggle at the moment? 


Create a free masterclass or challenge in your group to help solve this. You then need to promote this freebie outside of your group to attract new people to it. You will also promote it in your group to nurture your current audience. 


People will only know about your group and your freebie by you talking about it! 


Give yourself a good week to promote your freebie and attract people into your group. 


When it comes to promoting your freebie, there’s plenty of things you can do. 

  1. Other Facebook Groups


Engage on posts - this will make people aware of you and drive traffic back to your personal profile where they will learn more about you and find posts about your freebie.


Offer advice to build relationships and show people you are an expert in what you do


Take advantage of promo days - make sure you read the group rules before promoting in groups!


Find collaborations in other groups where you can go live to provide the group with value and promote your freebie and group. 

  1. Your Personal Profile


As you engage in other groups you will build up your friends lists with ideal clients who are not in your group yet.


Use your personal profile to promote your freebie with posts, lives and stories.


Mix up your posts between value posts with a call to action, promotional posts for the freebie and short posts.


If you are directing people to an opt in page, put the link in the comments.

  1. Your Instagram


Optimize your bio to tell people about your freebie. Make sure the link leads to the opt in page for your freebie or your Facebook group.


Talk about your freebie in your stories and tell people why they need to be signing up to it. 


Have a call to action at the end of your Instagram posts.

  1. Email List


If you have an email list, use this to promote your freebie and your group.


If you do not have an email list, promoting a freebie is a great way to build one. 


Create an opt-in page for your freebie so people can sign up to your email list. On the thank you page have a link to your Facebook Group.


You also want to set up an automated email when people sign up with the details of your freebie and link to your group.



Once you have attracted people into your group, you need to nurture them with your content. Your freebie will help with this, but consistent content that solves a problem and provides value to your audience is vital for building trust.


Keep your content interesting by switching between these three types of content.


Educational Content To Solve A Problem: Create content that helps to solve problems your ideal clients have. If you solve a problem for your audience they will begin to trust you.


Stories To Inspire: Share stories to connect with your audience and show your expertise. Your audience will see you have been on the journey they are on and this will allow them to connect with you.


Accomplishment To Build Trust: Real results (yours and your clients) will build trust with your audience.

Your content is how you will nurture your audience. The more planned you are with your content, the more consistent you will be. Here are some content prompts to help you. These can be used for posts and lives. 

Educational Content 

How can I help you today?  I’m going to be live in my Facebook group at [time] today to answer any burning questions you have about [topic].


You asked for it so here it is. I have created a step by step [guide/video/story] to teach you exactly what you need to do to [goal your ideal client wants to achieve.


I often see people wasting time on [common things you see people focusing on that are not a priority] because they think they need it to [results your ideal client wants]. But you do not need this! [Share a success story of results you have gotten without having this].

Stories To Inspire

Have you experienced one of those moments where you blink and nothing seems the same again? Mine happened when [tell a story of something that changed a situation for you]. It opened my eyes to [what did you learn from]. But because of it, I am now able to [what you have achieved].


I used to believe [something you used to believe that was holding you back] and for years it stopped me from [goal it stopped you from achieving]. I knew if I did not overcome this I would never [goal] and continue to feel [negative feeling e.g. stressed/trapped]. So I did something about it. [Share a story of what you did to change your belief]. And because of it, I was able to achieve [goal achieved]. 


One of the biggest mindset blocks I have had to overcome is [insert mindset block].

Accomplishments To Build Trust

This week I am celebrating my clients! Here's a sneak peek into what it is like to work with me [insert testimonial]. What are you celebrating this week?


Waking up to messages like this is why I do what I do. My clients are amazing. [Insert an image of a testimonial from client or customer].


Celebrating the most amazing results from my client <name>. When <name> came to me she was struggling with <insert what they were struggling with>. She then signed up to <program> and saw incredible results. Now she is <insert results client is achieving>. What a transformation!



The more effective your content strategy is, the easier it will be to convert your ideal clients.


You need to have a strategy in place to attract, nurture and convert your ideal clients. Everything you are putting in front of your ideal clients should have a purpose. You can't just create an offer and throw it out there the next day and expect to hit 10K. It is important to understand the different stages of launching as part of your strategy.


Pre-Launch Phase

This is the most important phase. At this stage you need to be warming up your audience, building excitement and generating leads. The more you warm up your audience the easier it will be to sell your offer when the cart opens.


Cart Opens

You need to be educating your audience on what their problem is, why they need to solve it now and why your course is what they should be investing in. Creating urgency and FOMO is important at this stage.



During this phase you need to provide those who have purchased with an amazing experience so they continue to purchase, evaluate your launch and continue to nurture those who did not purchase and offer them a down-sell.

That’s all it really comes down to!


Attract your ideal customer and give them a reason to join your group. Once they’ve joined, Nurture your clients by building their trust in you and your products. Then, you’re ready to Convert them into paying customers. 


Remember, clients will purchase, you just need to give them a reason to!

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