How To Increase Your Monthly Income

Do you want to add more revenue to your monthly income? If hell yes, you need to read below. 

Have A Retention Strategy 


Once a client has converted into your courses, programs or offerings, are you up-selling them into something else OR are you letting them finish the course and disappear? 


So many people leave money on the table because they do not up sell their clients into something else once they have finished a course, program or package with them. 


Your product suite is an important part of your retention strategy. Your product suite is the different offerings you have. 


When someone has purchased from you once, they are 10 times more likely to purchase from you again. For example, when someone finished my 5 Figure Launch System program, I up-sell them into the 6 Figure Growth Academy, from here I up-sell them into my Inner Mastermind or a 1:1 package. By doing this, I am retaining my ideal clients and increasing my monthly revenue.

When someone finishes a course or program with you… what can you up sell them into next? You could upsell them into another program or a 1:1 package. 

Cross Sell Your Current Clients Into Something Else 


Aswell as upselling your ideal clients when they finish a course or program with you, you can also cross sell them into something else whilst they are in your current offering. 


For example, I offer discounted 1:1 sessions to anyone who signs up to my courses and programs whilst they are taking it. I also offer my 1:1 clients discounted places on my courses and program. This allows me to add extra revenue.


VIP Upgrades


Offer VIP upgrades as part of your courses, programs and packages where those who purchase get extra access to you e.g. Voxer support. 


For example, my 6 Figure Growth Academy mastermind is 12 weeks long, includes 12 trainings, 12 group calls and 12 guest expert training for $2222 but members can upgrade to have access to me 1:1 via Voxer and 3 coaching calls for $4444. On my last launch, I generated 5 figures in extra income by offering this. 


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