101 Content Ideas

101 Content Ideas

Hey! I’m Laurie. AKA The Strategy Queen. I teach coaches, consultants and course creators how to implement effective strategies to gain new clients and scale their businesses to 5 figure months and beyond through organic marketing.


One of the biggest reasons businesses struggle to be consistent online is because they struggle with content ideas, so here are 101 ideas to keep your content fresh!


  1. Share a free ebook
  2. Share a client story (where were they before they met you, where are they now and what changed for them?)
  3. Talk about why you started your business 
  4. Share a recent client breakthrough 
  5. Share a recent break through you had
  6. 3 things you wish you knew before you started a business 
  7. Talk about how you client can overcome the biggest problem they have 
  8. Post the favourite thing about your business
  9. Share the reason why you started your business
  10. Tell your audience about your biggest accomplishment
  11. Share the toughest moment you have had in business and what you learnt from it 
  12. Create a beginners guide for what you do 
  13. Share 3 things your audience do not know about you 
  14. Talk about how investing in yourself changed your life
  15. Share about the first time you invested in yourself 
  16. Discuss 3 things you learnt from the previous month 
  17. Share where you were 10 years ago compared to now
  18. Talk about the one thing your clients need to do to get the result they want 
  19. Share your first hire in business 
  20. How you overcame your biggest mindset hurdle 
  21. 3 people who inspire you 
  22. Something you wish you could tell your 10 year old self 
  23. How to avoid the most common mistake your clients make 
  24. Something you wish you were taught at school 
  25. What makes you different from others doing what you do 
  26. What makes you unique? 
  27. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? 
  28. Share your biggest goals in life? 
  29. Share a personal challenge you overcome 
  30. Talk about a new program you are launching 
  31. Ask your audience to share their Instagram with you
  32. Answer the most commonly asked questions people have about your programs
  33. Share your morning routine 
  34. Talk about something that inspired you 
  35. Share a book that has changed your life and why it changed your life 
  36. Who is your role model?
  37. Share how you will celebrate when you hit your goal?
  38. Show the behind the scenes of your business
  39. Show an exciting project you are working on 
  40. Tell your audience how you keep organised 
  41. Share 10 random facts about you 
  42. Your biggest take away from the previous year
  43. What your clients have taught you 
  44. The top business tools you use 
  45. Ask your audience to share a fun fact about themselves.
  46. How you clients are progressing 
  47. Your clients top accomplishments to date 
  48. Trends you are seeing in your industry 
  49. Do a product review 
  50. Host an open Q&A 
  51. Teach on a topic in your course or program 
  52. Tell your audience how you started your business
  53. Share your values and why they are important to you
  54. Share your mission statement and why it is important 
  55. What makes someone your ideal client?
  56. Share one of your mantras 
  57. Share a life changing moment 
  58. Do an FAQ on your business 
  59. Ask your audience what their biggest problems are.
  60. Get your audience to sum up their week using a GIF. 
  61. Share something you do not agree with in your industry and why. 
  62. Tell your audience your plan to get to your goals. 
  63. Share something new you are going to try
  64. Share an inspiring quote 
  65. What are you currently listening to on Audible?
  66. This <situation> changed my life, tell me about something that totally changed your life?
  67. If you had $5000 to spend on anything business-related. What would you spend it on?
  68. Tell your audience about the best advice you have ever been given 
  69. Ask your audience about the best advice they have ever been given 
  70. Share your biggest struggle when your first started your business and how you overcame it 
  71. Share your bucket list
  72. Ask your audience what is on their bucket list
  73. Share one of the hardest decisions you have ever made
  74. Share your top 3 learning lessons 
  75. Do a typical day in the life of you
  76. Create and share a how to guide 
  77. List your top 10 tips to getting to the result your ideal client wants 
  78. Share what you do in your spare time 
  79. What self-development projects are you working on? 
  80. Share your favorite time of the year and why. 
  81. Share what your first jobs taught you 
  82. Ask your audience for their top tips on a topic 
  83. Share your top tips on becoming an expert in what you do
  84. Show your audience a sneak peak of a new program
  85. Share a page from your journal 
  86. Film a customer testimonial 
  87. Do a team introduction  
  88. Share 3 things you are grateful for 
  89. Discuss with your audience how you define success
  90. Poll your audience on what their biggest struggles are
  91. Share a throwback memory 
  92. Do a tour of your office space 
  93. Tell your audience how you became an expert in what you do 
  94. Share your word for the year and why 
  95. Share your biggest fear
  96. Share 3 truths and 1 lie and get your audience to guess which is the lie
  97. Give your audience your top tips for staying productive 
  98. Share with your audience your favourite affirmations 
  99. Share your favourite podcasts
  100. Create and share a checklist with your audience 
  101. Share a guide on how to overcome one of their biggest problems 

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