The Mindset Coach Certification

A 6-month live accredited training course to become a certified mindset coach so you can help your clients to become the best versions of themselves, using evidence-based psychology practices.



We look at a range of proven ways to work with the mind based on the research of Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.

Weekly Live Sessions 


Every week there is a mix of demo sessions, coaching practical workshops, Q&As or coaching supervision where you will be given bespoke feedback.

Accountability Pods


You will have access to accountability pods where you can start implementing what you're learning and practice the sessions.

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"I increased my income by 180% the month after I graduated as a mindset coach (and then doubled it again the next month) by offering coaching and applying what I learnt on the course."

Rachel Smithbone, Mindset Coach Academy Graduate

The Modules

What you will learn...

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What will this certification allow you to do?

✓ You will build more credibility and authority in the online space so you can stand out from other competitors.

✓ You will stand out amongst other peers in the industry. More people are popping up in the coaching industry calling themselves coaches with no experience or certifications. Having a certification will show your audience you have both.

✓ You are ensuring you are following best practices in the industry.

✓ One day having a coaching certification may be a legal obligation. Being certified now can help save you if this does become necessary in the future.

The certification programs (I have done them all) have been the best investment I have ever made. I have invested over £50K into coaches and programs and nothing compares to this. I wish I had found it sooner!

Victoria Knowles Lacks 

Want To Upgrade To VIP?

Join the Course & Launch Strategist Certification!


This certification will teach you how to mentor clients to create, launch, and scale their different offers using powerful and proven strategies. We will take you through the full A-Z method of creating an offer from scratch all the way through to scaling it to 6 figures and beyond. 

You will get access to:

✓ The certification program

✓ Weekly live masterclasses & coaching calls

✓ Access to a private group to ask questions

✓  Access to my program on how to launch, grow and scale a digital marketing agency. What I will be teaching you, allowed me to scale my agency to 6 figures in the first year ($1500 value)

✓ 12 weeks of additional business mentorship to support you in scaling your business and gaining high value clients ($1500 value)

✓ Ad, content and funnel templates ($1500 value)

You can bundle both the Course & Launch Strategist Certification and the Mindset Coach Certification together for only $8,997.

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Meet Your Facilitators

Hi, I'm Laurie!


From the age of 18 whilst doing my Business Degree, I kept launching business after business on my own BUT I always ended up going back into corporate.

At 23, I was a Lead Digital Marketing Mentor creating courses and programs which were rolled out across 36 colleges around the UK and by 24, I was Head Of Marketing helping to make a business 7 figures per year. 

3 years ago I left the corporate world behind me to start up my own business with £700 in my bank account. And I could have stayed, I could have settled.

But I wanted the freedom to control how much I could make, when I could work and how I got to live my life. This led me to launching my coaching business in 2019 and developing a fool-proof strategy so that 1 month later, I was able to quit corporate, 3 months later I was able to hit 5 figure months and 1 year later I was able to hit 6 figures (whilst pregnant and during a pandemic!).

Now, I’m a full-time mum to my gorgeous baby boy, and still hitting consistent $50K-$100K+ cash months whilst working 15-20 hours a week. 

Hi, I'm Rosie!


I am a business and mindset coach, trainer, positive psychologist and coaching psychologist, for wildly ambitious, online coaches and course creators.

I have a masters degree in applied positive psychology and coaching psychology, a postgraduate certificate in teaching and learning online, over 8 years of experience growing a business in the online space, as well as a range of other coaching, yoga, meditation, nutritional therapy and mindfulness qualifications which she has blended together to create this Mindset Coach Training programme.

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