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Join the 2 DAY in-person business banquet and learn how to double, triple, or even 10 x the revenue coming into your business…

4th & 5th October 2024

Royal National Hotel, London

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This event will make sure you’re fully up to date with what’s trending and what’s working right now in the world of sales, marketing and business strategies.

Marketing. Mindset. Sales. Strategy.



We’re not only here to teach you how to make more money in your business. We’re here to inspire you, celebrate you, and motivate you on your business journey.

If you are looking for a HIGH-ENERGY event that’s inclusive to all and will leave you not only feeling fired up, but also with a plan for serious growth in your business, this event is for you.



Don't just take our word for it...


Event Details...


4th & 5th October 2024




Royal National Hotel, 38-51 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0DG


Are you ready?


To double, triple, even 10 x your revenue?

AND for business to feel so much easier?

Then this is the in-person event for you. It’s time to SHAKE IT UP!!!

If you're...

Struggling with stagnant sales or breaking through that income ceiling.

Doing “all the things” yet still aren’t getting as noticed as you want to be and are feeling like the best kept secret in your industry.

Making good money in your business, but want to be making A-MA-ZING money in your business.


...Then save your seat to the ultimate TWO-DAY business banquet!


What you can expect...

You can expect 2 FULL DAYS jam-packed with value! Lead gen, sales strategies, getting consistent clients, messaging, automation, scaling to 6 figures, we will cover it all. 

You will leave with a toolbox of the latest marketing techniques, cutting-edge sales strategies, and innovative business practices.

You’ll learn from world-class speakers, network with like-minded entrepreneurs, and meet a ton of your ideal clients in the room!

How people are purchasing is changing….


Are you keeping up with these trends and changes? 

What worked 12 months ago to get clients doesn’t necessarily work now. 

By joining this event, you’ll learn what’s trending, what’s so 2023, and what’s actually working for getting clients right now.

Whether you’re a coach, mentor, consultant or service-based provider, this is THE event for getting clients for your business. 


There’s a reason why our attendees keep coming back for more…

We only know how to over-deliver! 

We’ve hired a beautiful venue with huge capacity so you can make the most of networking opportunities. 

We’ve selected only the best of the best speakers! We have some world-class speakers lined up for you to inspire and empower you with their insights and experiences. 

Our in-person workshops are going to blow your business socks off! You’ll be armed with new strategies that you can implement straight away to land at least one new client there and then whilst at the event!


Every aspect of this event is designed to exceed your expectations, from the quality of the content to the comfort of your experience.


Don't just take our word for it...


How will you get your return on investment? 

In-person events like these are one of the BEST investments you can make in your business. Here’s why.

1. Face-to-face interactions with YOUR ideal clients

The room will be FULL of your ideal clients! By attending events like these, you can meet your ideal clients face-to-face (and building trust face-to-face is so much easier and quicker in-person!)

You could leave this event with not only lots of new knowledge and ideas for your business, but also a ton of new leads and clients in your back pocket. 


2. There will be endless networking opportunities. 

Just a conversation or two could open doors to new opportunities to make more money in your business. In-person events can help lay the foundation for long-term partnerships and collaborations.


3.Practical strategies to build your audience and get more clients 

We’re not about fluff here. We’re about teaching you actionable strategies you can implement right now to increase the revenue coming into your business. If you implement what we teach, you WILL build your audience, get more clients, and grow your revenue faster and easier than ever before. 

Teaching and learning is also sooo much easier in-person. You can get more face to face personalised support, your questions answered, and real-time feedback. 


Our incredible Speakers...


We are especially excited about our line-up of renowned speakers who are true experts in their industries. 

The speakers on our stage are people who started from zero like you and have now built huge 6-7 figure empires. They’re here to shed light on what exactly they’ve done to get them where they are, including the strategies they’ve used and their best golden nuggets.

Laurie Burrows

As a 7 Figure International Business Growth Specialist, I have dedicated my career to supporting fellow entrepreneurs and business owners to make more money whilst working less using powerful business growth strategies. I have 14 years of experience in marketing and sales, and as a result, I was able to grow my business to 7 figures in the space of 2 years.

Daniel Priestley

Multi-million dollar business owner in Australia, UK and Singapore, Daniel Priestly has won some huge awards, including being named in the Top 10 Business Advisors in the UK and he's worked with some of the most successful people in the world.

Dylan and the Moon

Dylan is a talented musician and singer-songwriter. He’d loved singing on stage since he was a child as he felt that was the one place he could express himself. He's taken to the main stage at London Pride and Radio 1’s Big Weekend, he’s won some amazing awards, and he’s played on stages with huge celebrities. He’s even released a song with Jason Derulo!


Chris Dillon

Chris Dillon is a marketing automations expert and a keynote speaker with years of experience in all things marketing. At this event Chris will be showing you how to convert more leads into clients and do it whilst saving hours of time using the power of WhatsApp automation. What he will be teaching you will help you to streamline your sales and communication process!

Dani Wallace

Dani is such a powerhouse and will be bringing ALL the energy to this event. She's an award winning international Speaker, Coach and producer of The BIG Festoon. At Shake It Up, you will learn her best tips and tricks for speaking on stage, hosting huge sell-out events and making more money in your business!

Chloë Bisson

Chloë is a #1 best selling author, award-winning entrepreneur, international speaker and visibility expert. She helps entrepreneurs to explode their personal brands and has built multiple successful businesses over the years. She will be sharing all her golden nuggets around all things business and visibility at this event.

Charlie Day

Charlie Day is one of the UK’s leading sales experts and has built 3 multi-six figure businesses. She is a true expert when it comes to all things sales. At Shake It Up, Charlie will be teaching you the sales strategies for a 6, multi 6, even 7 figure year in your business.

Katie Coella

Katie is a multi-award winning certified business strategist and mentor, and a pro when it comes to all things marketing, launching and ads! At Shake It Up, Katie is going to share her best golden nuggets for growing your audience, amplifying your leads, and boosting your sales

Sarah Makinde

Sarah is a chartered Psychologist, Accredited Coach & Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer. She is here to show you the power of NLP to enhance your coaching, consulting and client results, as well as your own wellbeing.


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Meet the Host

Hi, I'm Laurie!

3 years ago I left the corporate world behind me to start up my own business with £700 in my bank account.

But after just 6 months of launching my business, I nearly gave up because I was so burnt out from endless sales calls & live launching.

Then in 2020, I found out I was unexpectedly pregnant. So, I put an end to my 1:1s & sales calls and turned my expertise into a course. I hit multiple 6 figures that year.

But as well as being a new mum, I recently lost my dad and my nan who were the two closest people to me in the world.

Despite all of the heart break and sleepless nights over the last year, I have gone from working in my bedroom hiring my first employee in February 2021 to now having a 7 figure business, 100k cash months, an entire building floor as my office and a huge team of full-time employed members.

The same is possible for you. No matter where you are in your business right now!


I need this!